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Che bello sarebbe festeggiare i propri successi con qualcuno di importante. Sta sera, tra chi mi fa complimenti veramente sinceri e senza secondi fini su quanto io sia bella e chi mi fa notare che forse è ora di trovarmi una persona che mi stia accanto, mi viene da pensare al perché io non riesca a trovare qualcuno di importante, o che comunque abbia le carte in regola per esserlo. Non voglio il principe azzurro, non è per me. Ma non sono più una bambina che gioca con i cuori altrui. MI dicono: “Ma trovati qualcuno, anche solo per divertirti!”. Potrei. Non avrei problemi credo, infondo i maschi sono semplici. Perché allora non sono capace di farlo? Perché non posso semplicemente trovare qualcuno là fuori che mi piaccia abbastanza da potermici divertire e basta? Perché so che poi mi sentirei solo un animale senza cuore né sentimenti? Perché penso che sarebbe solo una cosa squallida? Perché so che poi mi sentirei sporca e ancora più sola? Perché per me i sentimenti reciproci sono fondamentali e solo dopo viene il sesso? Solo io son così?

Intanto continuo a stare qui, desiderando solo un abbraccio amorevole e un bacio sincero; chiedendomi se sono io sbagliata o se è il mondo che sta andando nella direzione sbagliata.

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#hq_69min: first kiss
the senpais don’t talk much about mom &amp; dad’s first kiss……



#hq_69min: first kiss

the senpais don’t talk much about mom & dad’s first kiss……


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My 2 loves! &lt;3 &lt;3



My 2 loves! <3 <3

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an au in which everything is the same except characters switch hairstyles. Some things should probably never exist…..

Hair switching!xD

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I want to lie in my bed all day, I want to give up everything, I just want to rest, to make stupid things, pass all day doing all the things that i love, go out and see people, do stuff, lie in a park heated by the sun.. all to make my mind clear and free….

but i can’t. For now on, i can’t.

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Daisuga story pic..!!!

A clear picture view is HERE

( Thanks to Translated by iwa-chan )


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Anonymous asked: Not sure if cuddling head cannons have been done with Suga, if so could we get some domestic head cannons? Like what it'd be like with him and his partner living on their own together? Thank you so much, my all time favourite blog <3



Sugawara is usually the big spoon when cuddling. He likes wrapping his arms around his partner’s form and nuzzling his face in their hair or their neck/shoulders.

He also likes to give them little butterfly kisses on their neck. As well as playing with his partner’s hair.

Living with Sugawara would be pretty fun and relaxing. The place would always be clean since Sugawara made it a priority that he and his partner would have to clean the place at least once a week. He generally likes doing chores together as well, as he feels that doing them together makes the work easier and it doesn’t really feel like a task.

He’s usually the first one to wake up, so he’ll make breakfast for his partner. It’s not that he feels like he’s obligated to do it just because he woke up first, but he just likes pampering his partner and seeing the way their face lights up when they see the food he’s made really helps start his day off well.

Sugawara’s also the kind of person who would leave his partner sticky notes that have little greetings on them along with what they needed to buy for the week. The only problem is he sticks it everywhere, from the bathroom mirror to the fridge, sometimes even cups. 


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Tokyo Ghoul characters

OH UTA-SAN! <3 <3 <3

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Greedling ✖ Lan Fan — requested by conversationparade

these 2 ç_ç

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The libero is not just the guardian. He also encourages the team from behind.


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get to know me

1/5 female characters: yachi hitoka 

Quanto mi sta simpatica Yachi! <3

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