Hello everyone! I'm Miyako☆ ! Welcome to my blog! That's nothing more than a normal blog of a normal girl, i will post here everything that my mind can think, so be patient with me. xD I'm an italian cosplayer, i love all things that regards animation, in particular the japan animation, everything about Japan (i'm studying japanese at college afterall u_u) and last, but not least, i simply LOVE everything is little and cute *^* thats all, folks! Have fun! <3
Ps.: My english sucks, i'm sorry. I will write in italian here...well this is MY blog, soooo.. xD Have fun <3 :

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I just have to add that I hate it when people say,

"I’m sure that this anime character who lives in japan isn’t black" 

well I’m damn sure that they’re not suppose to be white either.


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BE CALM (Tasha Marie)

This is a project I did for my creative process class. 

The given theme was “Where is an urgency?”.

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Shion & Nezumi Cosplay

Nezumi, we’re going home.

We’re going back to that room.

We can’t turn back time, but we can create it anew.

(the gif is a special extra <33)

Si va beh ragazzi, siete usciti dall’anime e avete realizzato i sogni di ogni fan di No.6! ç_ç Mamma miaa! <3 <3 <3 So much love for you! <3

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